A Feature, not a Bug

So, I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole a bit this week reading Greg Palast’s excellent https://www.gregpalast.com/vulturespicnic/ 

My unfortunate primary takeaway from it’s myriad indictments of oil industry fuckery is that there is no chance in hell that we are going to resolve the climate crisis through government action.

The reason, of course, is that the “governments” are complicit in and profiting from oil industry fuckery. It’s a feature, not a bug. It is a racket of monumental proportions underpinning our entire economic reality, ensnaring the greed of the entire elite apparatus in multiple countries (including both major parties in the USA).

Going back at least as far as World War II and it’s aftermath (and probably further) the entirety of western geopolitics has operated at the behest of the oil lords. Inconvenient indigenous peoples are removed, governments overthrown, wars perpetrated, assassinations ordered, bribes paid… all to insure that the oil industry profits were maintained. I don’t even need to annotate these accusations because even the marginally informed could point to 7 or 8 examples for each of them. Iran. Iraq. Syria. Venezuela. The arctic. Keystone. 

As Palast points out, the oil industry even owns responsibility for Hurricane Katrina… And NOT necessarily because of their obvious contribution to global warming, but because they lobbied for and built a giant short-cut canal from the gulf to New Orleans that was basically a massive funnel for the sea to flow into the city. That and their destruction of the outlying wetlands that were previously protecting the city are the reasons that the hurricane devastated and overwhelmed the city. But, unless you dig deeper you only know what they want you to know.

So yeah, I’m pissed. You should be too. I highly recommend the book if you can get a copy (you can buy it directly from Greg at the link above).