Dust settles on the ashes. Is that ironic? Perhaps. We certainly had our time in the sun, but compared to the lifespan of this mediocre star in a far flung arm of a nondescript galaxy that gave us life, we were only a flash of cognition. And we burned brightly, for awhile… harnessed the energy of millions of years of dead organisms, tamed the atom, created sprawling cities and incomprehensible technologies and fantastic ruins. We also invented great schools of thought and philosophy, works of literature and science, soul-stirring art, and the extinction of almost all life on earth. Our fall was magnificent… the end result of our worst impulses magnified: greed, cynicism, and ultimately, a failure to live in harmony with and in consideration of the planet from which we sprang.

But what is a few tens of thousands of years compared against 8 billion? If this message reaches you, in whatever future exists before Sol reaches it’s apex as a cooling but surly red queen, know that we WERE, once. That we conquered and bled and cried and loved against the background of so many stars. So much was gained that was ultimately lost. 

  • From the Journal of unknown earth human “S.C.”, transmitted digitally by high powered radio, November 2032. Picked up by relay at spiral B3.1 (Alpha/Proxima Centauri), re-broadcast to inner spiral via N3768900012-12 and flagged for further study. This document has been reviewed by Watcher 10073216D. Extinction level event confirmed (see also: file archive “lethe”). Related audio files attached for reference.