The Last Decade

It’s hard to shake the feeling of dread as we cross over from 2019 to 2020, and not just because our base-ten arithmetic conditions us to place emphasis on every decadal shift. It feels momentous, the crossing of a Rubicon of sorts… From the hopeful past to a hopeless future… a place where we once expected to find world-changing technological advancements, free energy, flying cars, and cities on mars. Instead we arrive in a world of social, political, and environmental collapse… a world where unprecedented anxiety and easy propaganda stems from systems of connection that monetize the darkest aspects of human nature…. where dogma and lies are elevated to national discourse… where reality itself is the subject of heated debate… where the shadow of catastrophic war and destruction and even the extinction of all life hangs over our heads and the doomsday clock ticks ever closer to midnight.

Those of us who wear the mantle of Cassandra are compelled to document this dark future that we see humanity careening recklessly towards, knowing that it will be unappreciated and ultimately lost to the wreckage of time.

Still… we bear witness…. the last prophets of the last decade.

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